Are you ‘coaching’ your teams or just hurting their feelings?

Our reviewers are very careful to ensure our Silent Customers deliver feedback as kindly as possible. Subjective feedback is very important as it helps us learn about how customers experience their environment BUT we still make sure it is delivered as objectively as possible.  Sound paradoxical?

Well, for example, if I don’t like an interior, I could say;

‘The décor was cheap and tacky!’

Or, I could say;

‘I found the décor to be dated because of the deep yellow wall colour and because  the carpet didn’t match. I might suggest that a change of wall paint, to a more contemporary colour, that complemented the colours in the carpet could help to modernise the overall look’.

Long winded? Maybe, but which would you be more likely to swallow, in terms of feedback?

The problem with feedback is that there are many ways in which to deliver it but rarely does the person receiving it accept it gladly. Why? Because most of us have never learnt how to give feedback kindly and we fear receiving it for the same reason.

When you are ‘coaching’ your team ask yourself: Are you giving them feedback in the first person? Are you being specific and objective or are you just simply hurting their feelings?  The latter will not help your business – if you want to learn about our SHARP feedback approach. Ask about our workshops.