Are your managers lecturers or teachers?

At The Silent Customer our focus is on enabling teams to learn about customer psychology: Why customers don’t really care whether their drinks are served within three minutes but why they do care when service is mechanical and perfunctory.

Our reviews are auto-biographies, true-stories told by the diner. We set the scene, describe the characters and let you in on their inner dialogue. We enable the reader to see and understand the complexities of the customer - that one is as different as the next, yet, in their place, would they feel and act the same way? Very probably.

We aim to enlighten rather than to tell, a story doesn’t need an interpreter, but sharing points of view will undoubtedly put forward different perspectives. People don’t always read the same story in the same way!

A lecturer will hand out reading material and reiterate from a stage but a teacher knows that to really understand the complexities of a story; the author, the characters and why they behaved in the ways that they did, a deeper understanding can only be gleaned through discussion and debate: Why did this character behave in such a way? What did this feel like? What could have changed the result? These questions, in debate, will enable teams to stand in shoes, other than their own, learn from their colleagues and take ownership for their own part in the story!         
Are your managers taking the time to teach or just to lecture? If you need help with finding out please call us.