Complaining: Are you a 'kind' a or 'vitriolic' complainer?

As well as mystery dining and learning solutions we run a complaint mediation service.

Recently we had one of the most lovely complaint letters I have ever read. The service and food they received was frankly shameful and yet their feedback was kindly delivered, objective and considered with words of praise and encouragement to balance the negativity.

In short, the director, myself and the whole team were so disarmed by this letter that a full refund as well as complementary wine was organised and a genuine friendship forged.

No-one goes out to provide shoddy service but sometimes it just goes wrong. When we complain we are just as likely to be compensated whether we do this in a kind way – or the norm – with supercilious angst and spitting vitriol but the difference is whether the owners refund us with genuine sorrow and apology or whether it’s given with indifference and as a matter of damage limitation.

So, are you a kind complainer or a vitriolic complainer and do you even care what the owners and staff think of you?