Do some restaurants oversell the experience?

Humans are fickle creatures: We are distrusting and dubious most of the time (especially when someone is trying to sell us something), yet when it comes to customer experience, for some reason, we expect that this will be delivered at 100% every time. When it doesn’t happen (which, lets face it, is often) we throw our toys out of the pram (albeit, a bit later, when we get home… on a review site) and vow never to return.

Is seems that expectation, no matter how old we are, never seems to dampen its optimism.

We buy into the shiny websites, boasting ethereal, botanical interiors with photoshopped imagery of a beautiful looking waiter laughing in a confident, ‘matey way’ with equally beautiful looking customers who are making ‘wow’ gestures on acceptance of their perfectly presented food.

Is it poor service, per se, that causes the upset or is it simply because we feel duped?

Is our disappointed down to our own, unrealistic expectations?