Do we treat smaller restaurant chains differently?

I have been working with a business that has grown from four sites to fourteen over the last few years. I help to find resolutions for their customers that have had reason to email with a complaint. Over this time I have noticed a definite shift of tone from customers in how they complain.

Yes - there are many more platforms to vent ones annoyance from these days. I mean, putting a review on Trip Advisor is like writing War & Peace in comparison to a one line face slapper on Twitter. But it’s more than that: When we dine in a local restaurant, and our guest knows the owner, we are less likely to spread the good deed of: ‘It’s too late for me but I must warn the others’. Yet, when we have an awful experience in a Pizza Express we let rip.

It’s sad really, because it says more about us than it does the actual organisation who has failed us. When I tell a customer, who is spitting feathers about the state of big companies who ‘just don’t care,'- that, actually, the company is run by a husband and wife team who absolutely do care - it completely disarms them. It somehow makes it ‘okay’.

I guess, what I'm saying is that, even the big companies are run by people with feelings and a duty of care to their customers so do we need to treat them so anonymously?