Do you Push or Shove?

Whilst I fully appreciate that the guys and gals, who collect trolleys in supermarket car parks, do get paid, I always wonder what goes through the minds of people who, get within a yard of the trolley station and just shove them into a big pile-up?

I don’t have OCD but I like to think that a second of my time to gently push the trolley into its associated lot, not only makes more room for the other trolleys, but goes some way to helping those who collect them.

I do this because, not doing it, in my opinion, is not only lazy but totally disrespectful.

Next time you go to the supermarket, watch how many times a child sees their parents shoving a trolley across the car park for someone to have to come and collect it. What is this telling them?

It’s easy to sit at a restaurant table and criticise. I wish I had a £1 for every time someone says to me; ‘It’s the little things that make a difference!’ but, I wonder, do we only go that extra mile when we are being paid or does or our behaviour, off duty, make a difference in influencing those who are being paid to serve us?