Internal work conflict: Who's right?

If you need to make some changes in your organisation but no one can agree on who, what and how. Should you go with your gut and/or the team member you think is right? If you choose one opinion over another do you risk undermining the other key members of your team that you have tasked with autonomy? People fight the corners they have been put in charge of because it is human to prove ourselves and our value but this can put the business owner in an uncomfortable place - sometimes there is a fine line between the role of a manager and a parent!

Silent Customers enable us to see the problems and find the solutions without being biased from any standpoint. Often the insight is that everyone was right and that there is no one solution to a problem. Customer feedback and market research is an evidence based, objective approach to decision making and promotes collaborative working.

So, ask yourself - when you made your last decision - was it collaborative, democratic and evidence based, or did you just go with your gut? How did your team feel about the way you made your decision? Did it bring them together or create resentment?

If you do not have the final say in your organisation, was there a time when you felt that decisions where made based on personalities rather than on evidence?