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Is it true that big companies can't cope with delivering exceptional customer service?

Well, it seems not!

Up until my recently I would have argued, until blue in the face, that big companies are simply unable to run adequate systems to cope with customer enquiries, especially when it comes to problem solving. You only have to call your bank to find proof of this. But, do we just accept this as the case because it has become the norm? Has booking out a half day in a quiet meeting room, to find out your account balance, just become acceptable?

Two weeks ago I decided it was time to delve into the world of Google Advertising. To say I found it complicated was an understatement and after a great deal of head scratching I searched for what I thought would be the futile exercise of looking for support ticket help. To my surprise someone was actually manning the instant chat and, not only that, they seemed to know what they were talking about. NOT only that, they gave me an actual phone number and, when I called, the person already had my account open. He explained in plain language what I was doing wrong and how to get the most out of my Ad. He listened, didn’t rush or patronise me and I felt valued, despite my small budget. I have phoned them again today and found the experience to be the same.

So how come Google, an international giant, can find professionals to answer phones but not other companies? Or, is this why they are one of the most successful organisations in the world?