/ Plastic straws

Are you on the plastic straws ban'wagon?

I think it's great that companies are choosing not to buy plastic straws but I'm not sure it's worthy of the constant stream of self-congratulatory -'Look at us not using straws anymore' - social media and PR campaigns.

I mean, it must be a huge wrench to stop spending money on something that doesn't generate any income and that very few people need or want.

I posted this opinion on my personal Facebook page which instantly generated a barrage of 'but it's about raising awareness' and ‘every little helps’ Well, I can’t argue those points. So, I too have decided not to buy anymore plastic straws. I won’t lie - it's going to take herculean efforts and self-sacrifice but I'm determind.

However, the plastic water and soft-drink bottles, polystyrene packaging, grocery packaging, cleaning and bathroom product containers, milk and juice cartons, disposable glasses and coffee cups? Well they are much harder to do without – that takes effort and costs money.

The guilty truth of it is that, like supermarket plastic bags, the majority of us won’t make any REAL sacrifice until we are penalised in some way.

But yes. Well done to all of us for choosing to drink, using just our mouths. Well done.