Just how S.A.F.E is your pub or restaurant?

Four elements are required to create a secure and loyal customer environment:
• Service (pro-active, engaging, friendly and knowledgeable)
• Ambience (warm lighting, contemporary décor, sympathetic acoustics and ambient temperature)
• Food (balanced flavours, quality ingredients, cooked with care, presented with consideration and contemporary)
• Efficiency (Systems & procedures and ergonomic space)
A few years ago eateries would survive with two of these elements but not anymore!
Customer trends have moved towards casual dining but this does not mean that formal dining is dead or that adding fish finger sandwiches to the menu will guarantee early retirement. It means that restaurants and pubs who can accommodate our complex and sporadic lifestyles and tastes will generate more loyalty than those who only cater for only one side of our personalities.
Humans prefer to be loyal, it's safer that way, it’s like when you go on a training course and after lunch everyone returns to the same chair. Familiarity and trust is what branding is about after all but if a pub wants loyalty they need to be adaptable to their customers’ needs. For example: one day the customer is working from home but pops out for quick bite with the laptop, the next day he comes in for coffee with a client, the day after with the kids and the day after that he wants a nice romantic table for two. Each time he has a different set of requirements and needs but his expectations and those of his companions still need to be met or exceeded.
Some restaurant owners think that the food is the most important, others the service. Many ignore or fail to understand the influence that aesthetics and ergonomics have on choice of venue. Many dont underpin their business with systems and procedures. Establishments that choose to exclude one of the four elements above can safely assume that customers will choose to be loyal somewhere else.
If you own or manage a restaurant or a pub ask your-self and your staff just HOW S.A.F.E do you think you are?