Marketing stuff: Not much uptake? Try this...

Our Silent Customers are often chastised by managers for not noticing their social media details on the bottom of menus but, aside from the reasons outlined in this earlier blog post, there are two other very 'Doh!' reasons for why it's pretty pointless putting them there:

  1. When customers are reading the menus, it is to chose what they want to eat. It's hard enough to concentrate on reading what dishes are on offer but, when they are trying to listen and respond to their guest's news at the same time, the last thing they are going to notice is a Twitter handle.

  2. If you want your customers to engage with their friends about how fantastic your burgers are by tweeting pictures of them, you do need to give them your social media links, but, if they are on the menus, they will have been taken away after the order was taken!

Instead: Try this:

After the order has been taken there is usually a few seconds of quiet while the customers and waiter politely thank each other and hand the menus back. Their conversation has naturally been halted by the ordering process so this is the perfect time to introduce a different topic of discussion without interrupting. While you have their undivided attention, use this time to exchange the menus for something else with a very quick explanation of what is on offer to them.

For example: On an A5 card - Detail a forthcoming event or promotion with a discount voucher, which will be given to them, at the end of the meal, if they book before they leave.

Offer a glass of Prosecco with their meal if they Tweet or Instagram a picture of their food with a # of the town and a positive message.

It doesn't have to invasive or a hard sell. It can be a fun incentive for your team and you can measure, that very day, the success of your offer.