Marketing: Why only 33% of customers see posters

Marketing is the section that scores the least in our Silent Customer reviews. The excuses are always the same: 'I don't have the time!' and 'I don't sit behind a PC all day you know!' but, reaching out to diners is easier than you think.

Table talkers are favoured by some operators and detested by others but a few A4 posters stuck on the walls will not reach as many people as you think.

Many a time has a manager wafted an A4 or A5 piece of paper under my nose to prove that their marketing was in place and it was the Silent Customer's fault for missing it. The point the operator fails to see, and the reason for why we do these reviews, is that, if the Silent Customer missed it then so are other customers.

We all perceive the world around us differently from one another yet we spend an awful lot of time persuading others to our way of thinking, usually unsuccessfully. (More detail about this can be found in an earlier blog post. It is also covered in our Feedback Workshop). Simply though: Some of us are Visual and we will look out for posters and written info, some of us are Kinaesthetic (touchy feely) and respond to something we can pick up and some of us are Auditory and prefer to be told about events and offers. Someone who is auditory or kinaesthetic is unlikely to notice posters so you are effectively only marketing to 33% of your customers.

Reaching out to all of these people, therefore, maximises who gets your message. The card pictured above covers all bases: "Can I HAND (kinaesthetic) you this? You will be able to SEE (visual) all our events and we would love to HEAR (auditory) your feedback too".

The information in the card also covers the many ways customers now communicate with us and each other. There have been times where I have wanted to Tweet a picture of the wonderful food in front of me yet I've been unable to find the Twitter handle. Why not make it easy for customers to advertise your pub for free?!