Review Sites: Do some businesses make it too easy for customers to use them for revenge?

As someone who runs a feedback company I am paradoxically very lazy at posting on review sites and have rarely posted anything on Trip Advisor over the years.
Although, I do read them when considering booking a holiday, hotel or restaurant.  
However, I recently vented about a phone shop on Google Reviews. This was due to, probably, the rudest service I’ve ever experienced and the subsequent frustration of not being able to speak to anyone. It was quite cathartic at the time, but I felt a bit guilty about it afterwards. Simply, it was revengeful, and, rather like jealousy, not particularly useful.

These days, if you don’t make it easy for your customers to complain privately, then it’s too easy to whip your phone out and rant on public review sites. Real time feedback means real time emotions: Queue the angst!

If businesses made it more instantaneous for you to complain, privately, to the next level of management would this dissuade you from spitting vitriol on review sites?

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