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Review Sites: White Noise?

Is TripAdvisor being bullied under the table by Google Reviews and other review platforms?

For several years we have asked our Silent Customers to answer questions around the expectations set by feedback on TripAdvisor and whether pubs and restaurants are marketing their businesses effectively on social media sites. However, we have found a need to change the questions we are asking, to reflect a sudden change of tack.

Now Twitter is going off the boil, LinkedIn is becoming, bizarrely, more like Facebook and a plethora of new booking platforms and review sites, including Google Reviews, are changing the way customers view businesses.

For many years TripAdvsior has been the ‘love to hate’ anecdotal platform of choice but now customers are spoilt for choice as to where and how they choose to rant.

Business are finding themselves surrounded by opinion. There are so many review platforms now, that much of it is becoming white noise. Silent Customer now offers a solution in aggregating all these voices into one manageable and measurable platform.

But, do you think TripAdvisor is losing its stronghold and, is this a good thing or a bad thing?