Ridiculous T&C's: Nose to spite face?

Recently, a B2B company moved the goal posts, of what had been agreed, completely off the pitch. Not only was this change completely unfathomable to me but it also incurred me additional, unexpected costs.

When I expressed my surprise that they could do this and asked that they reimburse my wasted expenditure, they ignored my request but informed me that, should their change be so inconvenient for me and that I would need to back out of the contract, I would still have to pay them!

To boot, they took this opportunity to wave the T&C’s under my nose in a ‘Na-nana- naa-nah!’ manner, which did nothing more than fuel my anger.

I took a peak at their T&C’s: On squinty, inspection of the ream of tiny writing squished onto one page of an A4 PDF, I laughed out-loud. Just about the only thing on it that was beneficial to the customer, was that the business would not excuse themselves from liability in case of death. All other terms were written to endevour to cover the business for just about anything that they might choose to do, to ensure no financial consequences to themselves but at much risk to the customer. Some of them completely negated what the business was actually selling. At no point in the sales process were these significantly risky and grossly unfair terms, highlighted to me. Obvs right?!

My own terms of business occupy two sides of A4 in a size 12 font with any non-standard terms highlighted in yellow. I do this so that both parties understand their responsibilities to each other; to be transparent and so there can be no reason for a misunderstanding of expectations or upset or dispute. To me, this seems fair, reasonable and - just obvious, really!

After I threw all my toys out of the pram, they did offer to refund my expenses but I find it incredulous that any company can believe that unfair terms can be enforceable these days.