Steak: Is it actually any better from our local butcher or are we just being food snobs?

Now - don't get me wrong, I love shopping in my local butchers and farmers markets. There is something luxury yet wholesome about the experience. Then there is the passion for the product by the advocate who is selling it. I'm swept up in the smells, the colours and the displays of the expensive and the exclusive BUT is the actual product any better than the one in the supermarket?!

For some reason we assume that a steak bought in a supermarket is the paler, sickly cousin of the country mouse but, just because a supplier has the scale to serve a bigger market, it seems a bit mean to tarnish them all with an assumed notion that their product is in some way inferior to that of a local supplier.

I purchase sirloin steak from local and supermarket suppliers and have, on many occasions, been both impressed and disappointed by the end product in equal measures. If you gave me a blind taste test I could quite honestly say I wouldn't have a clue which was from where.

Are we a bit too quick to judge the larger scale farmers who work hard to supply us with a great product when their margins are being squeezed by the
supermarkets? What's more, are they any less deserved of our custom than local suppliers?

Is produce from small suppliers any better than that of a supermarket or are we just being snobs about it? Your comments would be gratefully received.