TripAdvisor: keeping it REAL

Rather than focus energy on the 'unjustness' of it all, business owners would do well to look at TripAdvisor as a fabulous business tool and marketing opportunity of self-promotion. It is, after-all, just a review site and won't steal your children.

My advice is to KEEP IT R.E.A.L and use it to your advantage.

Respond to all types of reviews positively and professionally: The good the bad and the ugly as well as the glowing and the sycophantic.

Encourage your customers to write reviews: It will dilute those that have been wildly exaggerated.

Act on the feedback: Don’t just do nothing and get in a grump about issues that keep being mentioned. Have a staff meeting, ask your team for the solution and take action.

Listen to your customers: Sorry to say it but if you have more terrible reviews than good ones, then you need to hear it, take it on board, and get some professional help before you go bust. Providing you action the advice given, you will not have to loose your life savings.