Waiters who verbally list specials at your table: Customer engagement or Mensa test?

Recently, a Silent Customer expressed her annoyance when a waiter hastily regurgitated the list of specials rather than offer them to her on a menu or a specials board. The result was that she could only recall the first menu item and only the main ingredient of it.
I empathise with her: For me, as soon as a conveyor belt of menu items is about to begin, I am transported back to my days as a Girl Guide and the fear of failing memory games. Invariable all I hear is white noise. 
Now, I don’t know how many other mortals experience this 'sieve like' experience but what are you supposed to do in this situation? Do you ask the waiter to repeat the list 4 or 5 times, repeating back parrot fashion, until you can visualise the menu and choose with confidence? OR do you express the impression that you have inwardly digested the information first time around, thank the waiter politely, look down and proceed to choose from the main menu?