Water biscuits: Why?!

Last week a heated debate arose among the temporary inhabitants of our ski chalet when I suggested that cheese was better off enjoyed without the logistical need of a water biscuit. To me they taste like wood shavings, and anyway, what’s wrong with using your actual fingers?

I remember my mother insisting on oat cakes with cheese, the ones where you run out of saliva, making swallowing impossible but rendering choking almost in inevitable if you have to take in a breath of air.

A chalet chum suggested that bread was the best vehicle for cheese and, I have to agree that this is a far more tasty option. Why don’t restaurants offer bread as an alternative to the ubiquitous cracker option?

What’s more, I went to an ale and cheese tasting recently AND I have to say that I do believe that ale tastes better with a cheese than wine!

Give me a ploughman’s and half an ale any day. So I’m a philistine, I don’t care. Water biscuits are for whimps.