Why we give feedback kindly

Our values are centred around giving feedback kindly to motivate change. This is true, not just for our clients’ teams, but also for our Silent Customers.

It costs time and money to give carefully written feedback that is both constructive and kind to our Silent Customers. We do it, not just because we want continual improvement, but because we appreciate that Silent Customers spend an awful lot of time completing our reviews for comparatively little money. Receiving feedback telling you that your English spelling and grammar is poor can be a bitter pill.

One of our Silent Customers who has been registered with us for over a year, really struggled with comprehension, spelling and grammar. We were reluctant to keep assigning him because, despite us giving him feedback with examples of how he could improve, he seemed either unwilling or unable to. However, his enthusiasm for working for us would not dampen. Then one day we received this email:

Since your email a year or so ago regarding grammar and spelling I thought I would give you an update of how things have progressed.

One thing in life I hate is letting people down and I always think you should address an issue with an investigation on how you can improve a situation.

The local college did a simple grammar and spelling course which I did and found very helpful and this has to lead to my building up several companies for mystery shopping, restaurant and fine dining reports. Though I am not perfect by any means without you giving the push I would not be in this position now of gaining more work and assignments. So thank you.

Following this, he wrote his first review which earned him a much improved grade and a virtual hug from Linda, our editor. We are all really proud of him.

What can be taken from this?

  • If you want to learn something? You can.

  • Never assume that people take feedback like water off a duck’s back. Be careful how you tell your employees, colleagues, children, friends and partners that you want them to do something differently. It can have a bigger impact than you realise. Always be kind in your feedback. Always.