Why ‘Okay’ is NOT ‘Okay’ ?

I’m often asked why our reviews score down when a Silent Customer says their expectations were met but not exceeded.

Ask yourself these two questions:

  1. What was the last product, you bought for yourself, which ‘met’ your expectations?

  2. What was the last dining experience that ‘met’ your expectations?
    Now write down, in a sentence, what you felt about that product and dining experience.

Now score them both out of 10 (where 10 is the highest)
Chances are that, firstly, you struggled to remember the product that ‘met’ your expectations, secondly you probably found it difficult to write anything emotive about either your product or experience and thirdly you probably scored them average marks.

Chances are, also, that you didn’t tell anyone about them. Not because you didn’t think they were worthy of their value but just because they were unremarkable, average, Okay. You might spend your money with these businesses again but if, something else comes along that’s better, more convenient, you will have no qualms about shifting your loyalties….such as they are.

Ask yourself now, what would have had to have been in place to have made your product and dining experience exceed your expectations?

It is the little extras and add-ons that make such a difference. It’s customer service that goes above and beyond perfunctory, mechanically delivery that people remember because, sadly, they don’t expect it. Customers are loyal to people they develop relationships with and who care about whether they feel valued on a personal level, not just for their money.

Encouraging teams to convey enthusiasm for how the customer really feels, the product, the brand and its provenance can only be achieved through enabling them to learn about these things but often focus is giving to training in basic, perfunctory, service skills. Learning customer engagement skills above taking orders and verbal check backs is about knowing what you don’t know. Only by asking your customers how they FELT about their experience will you know whether you’re meeting or exceeding their expectations.