Employee Engagement

Workshops in self-awareness and coaching skills.
Employee satisfaction surveys.

Customer Engagement Workshop

Incorporating real Silent Customer feedback, this, one day, interactive, workshop is aimed at new or less experienced team members and explores self-awareness and proactive communication as well as what sets customer expectations and how to avoid disappointment.

Silent customer employee engagement feedback workshop

Embracing Feedback Workshop

Incorporating real Silent Customer feedback, this workshop is aimed at general manager level and enables team leaders to use feedback productively. They will explore how to read between the lines of what customers are saying and learn the basics of coaching language to influence change within their teams.

We pride ourselves on understanding behaviours and our aim is to influence change through positive suggestions rather than criticism. We focus on customer sentiment as we believe that insight into how customers feel delivers the greatest value.

Janet Wood  Director

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Benchmark your employee satisfaction by asking them to complete an anonymous survey a few times per year. Find out if your managers are improving their retention strategies and what can be done to reduce recruitment stress and the associated costs.

Silent Customer employee satisfaction survey

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